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Social Feed

The most effective way to increase your app retention is to have interesting content posted as often as possible that your users want to read everyday.
This plugin is like a Facebook feed in your app! Anyone can post, comment, like, share and follow other users. Get ready for some active content publishing and sharing.

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Your users will interact with


While GoodBarber's chat feature is OK for one-to-one chatting, with this plugin your users will still enjoy the one-to-one but will have the possibility to create private chats with their friends or join any public chat rooms created by the admin.
The chat offer many useful features such as link, images, videos, emojis and Giphy as gif library. It’s possible to install it on WordPress or websites too and have them speak together with your GoodBarber users.

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Events booking

You organise or are in charge of events? This plugin is for you.
Users that are visiting your app can see events on a map and are able to subscribe to them.
Our admin events panel will help you to manage subscriptions

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Assessment is the ultimate plugin to get real-time feedback to improve products, services and business overall but not only. You can even make scored quiz that your community will enjoy.
Quiz features Multiple choices, Multiple answers, Fill in the blank.
Survey features Multiple choices, Multiple answers, Rating, Open answers.
All of them are made with our intuitive drag&drop tools application. Results are displayed with charts, graphs and are downloadable.

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Keep your users with


How to improve your App retention ? Get your users to keep their notes inside it, using this beautiful and efficient notebook plugin.

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Keep your content secret with

Password-Protected Section

Put your secret or admin-reserved content and features behind a secure password protection. Only users who know it will get access !

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The points of interest plugin let your users add their favorite locations that everyone can view.
Good mushrooms spot, walk etc.. Make a description, take a picture and share it with other app users.

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Customer Testimonails

My team and I are pleased of our cooperation with Axelerio. They are expert software engineers and designers, and they worked for years in GoodBarber's own developers team, so they are simply the best in the world at this. The missions were all fulfilled with talent and expertise. I truly recommend them.

Ivan Krnjaic & Christian Schmid JoinApp, Switzerland
Customer Testimonails

We have worked with Axelerio for years and the 1,000 km distance between us has never been an obstacle! Trust was quickly established and we have created a unique user management tool for our GoodBarber App. Their qualities: deep knowledge of GoodBarber, quick understanding of the issues, clear counseling, flexibility and responsiveness. And all this in a good mood !

Erwann Le Guilcher Crédit Social des Fonctionnaires, France
Customer Testimonails

We have a long and trustful relationship with Axelerio. They proved to be quick and reliable partner with a great knowledge of the GoodBarber platform and are therefore our go-to option whenever we need high quality custom solutions and plugins for GoodBarber.

Klemen Pappiga Mobilne Aplikacije, Serbia

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